Dainty Daisy Lino Printing Download

Welcome to the Dainty Daisy Lino Printing (Download) in collaboration with the amazingly talented Lisa Stickley, an award winning designer, author and illustrator who started out life as a printed textile designer, training at Central Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art. Lisa will introduce you to one of the simplest and most wonderfully versatile methods of printing fabric and paper, Lino printing. She is passionate about print, texture and mark making, and particularly loves lino as it offers all of these elements in abundance. Rather like a fingerprint, every single print will be delightfully distinct. The beauty is very much in the imperfection. This box contains everything you need to get started with creating, carving and printing with lino. Once you’ve mastered the technique, go for it with a design of your own! The bolder the better, prints galore! Enjoy!

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